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Looking for promoters

Several spots left!

Do you have an Instagram account, blog or YouTube channel and are you interested in promoting phone cases? We’re looking for you!

How many followers, viewers or readers do I need?

The number of followers doesn’t matter, we’re looking for influencers with small and large followings. What’s most important is that Melrose Noire suits your audience. Do you and your followers love unique accessories and phone cases? Then you’re in the right spot ❤

How does it work?

As a promoter you’ll get a 10% discount code you can share with your followers.

Additionally, you’ll get your own personal affiliate link. If someone buys a case through this affiliate link, you’ll get a 10% commission of the order amount (excluding taxes and shipping).

How much will I earn?

How much you earn depends on how often your friends or followers buy something. If more orders are placed with your code, this results in more earnings.

Example: One of your friends places a 50 USD order. You’ll get 10%, so that’s 5 USD.

How should I promote your cases?

Take pictures or videos of one of the cases and share these with your audience. You're also welcome to share our images.

How can I apply?

Sign up to become a promoter here: melrose-noire.goaffpro.com


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